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Helping my Child at School
Parents are asked to provide the space/place/time for child’s tasks and to give encouragement by signing homework. When younger children are learning to read they need the encouragement of someone to listen to them every night. When checking that the homework is complete, parents should not feel obliged to correct or teach where there is difficulty, as this is the responsibility of the class teacher. At the beginning of each new environmental studies topic parents are informed of ways in which they can assist with research etc.
Reading and either number work or phonics.
Reading every night with either language or maths  (not always written).
 Language two nights, Maths two nights and Thursday 'Learning Night'.                                                                   
Children should read from their library book every night,  Mon - Thurs.

N.B.  In addition ‘extra’ work to cater for weaknesses, catching up or topic research as well as to further challenge pupils may be sent home.