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St. Mirin's Eco Code
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St. Mirin's Eco Code

This is our school's Eco Code which is on display in each classroom throughout the school. The purspose of our Eco Code is to remind staff and pupils what we need to do to maintain our Green Flag Status.

Our Eco Code consists of short and catchy phrases which cover the Ten Eco-Schools Topics.
The bin doesn’t bite – keep litter out of sight.
Save energy – switch it off.
Save water – don’t waste it.
If it’s not too far, leave the car.
Recycle we must do – our special bins are blue.
Don’t be a quitter, try to get fitter.
Put the sweets away – eat your 5 a day.
One world, many people – let’s look after it together.
Be cool, look after our school.
Take care of the plants and animals in our school grounds.