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Clyde In The Classroom 2014
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Clyde in the Classroom 2014

Our P5A pupils are currently participating in the Clyde in the Classroom project!

Clyde in the Classroom is a hands-on project which uses the life history of the brown/sea trout to promote awareness of river ecology among young people across the River Clyde catchment.

Aimed at P5-P7 classes, the project encourages children to develop a sense of pride in their local enviroment and leaves them with a lasting memory. The children are responsible for the care of brown trout within their classroom and work weekly with Clyde River Foundation scientists.

The twin outcomes of developing citizenship and personal confidence are illustrated by their personal and group work. The project has inspired achievement right across the curriculum, from poetry and prose to scientific recording via artwork, songs, plays, film production and presentations to peer and community groups.


Pupils place ice cold water bottles in the left hand side of the tank to ensure that the water stays within the recommended parameters.

Pupils record the temperature of the water 3 times per day. If the temperature is too high, pupils add more ice to the tank.

 Time to release our fish...

The boys and girls of P5A thoroughly enjoyed their time looking after their fish and learned much about the brown trout in the process!

Thank you to Clyde In The Classroom for their help and support!