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Children who are due to begin Primary One in August 2019 should be registered with the school in November 2018 or January 2019. Dates and times are advertised on this page, in the press, nurseries, church bulletins and local shops closer to the time.
Parents are invited to bring enrolled children to visit the school several times during the summer term. This allows “new starts” to become familiar with their classroom, to meet Primary One teachers and to become acquainted with the other children. Whilst these visits are taking place, parents are provided with workshop sessions, where they learn more about St. Mirin’s and about how they can best prepare children for school life. They are also given the opportunity to hear how Reading, Writing and Mathematics are introduced during the first year at school.
Parents wishing to enrol children at other stages, or at other times of the year, should telephone or call at the school to make an appointment with the Head Teacher. The number of placing requests to St. Mirin’s make this particularly important, if we are to avoid disappointing parents.