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Our Environmental Review 2012/13
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 2012/2013 Environmental Review

Members of the Eco Committee allocated classes different sections of the Eco Schools Environmental Review Checklist to complete with their teacher.

The results of the review outlined our school's current position and allowed us to compose an Action Plan which allowed us to decide if change is necessary, urgent or not required at all. It also helps us to set realistic targets and measure our success on a regular basis.

Our Environmental Review and Action Plan helps us to ensure that no significant areas are overlooked and helps the Eco Committee and wider school community understand the school's current environmental situation.

And the results...


Thank you for helping the Eco Committee carry out this year’s
 Environmental Review.
The results have shown that St Mirin’s Primary School should continue to work on the following areas:
·    Litter 
·    School Grounds 
·    Transport 


Sub Sections