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 Junior Road Safety Officers 2013

As everyone in St. Mirin's Primary School works towards our first Green Flag Renewal (basically, we're allowed to keep our Green Flag and can continue to tell everyone we're a fantastic Eco School!) we have elected 4 Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs).

We were inundated with applications for this very important role but after much deliberation, the Eco Committee made their decision...

...this year our JRSOs are Emma and Erin from P5a, Courtney from P5b/6a and Paula from P7a.

The role of a JRSO is to highlight road safety issues within our school, maintain a road safety noticeboard (located in our hall), deliver road safety related presentations to individual classes and assemblies and to encourage pupils and staff to find more environmentally friendly ways of travelling to school

When asked about the skills and qualities our JRSOs could bring to this role, here's what the girls had to say:

Emma: "I'm a good team leader, organiser and speaker."

Erin: "I am good with children as well as designing things and writing."

Courtney: "I always consider the safety of other children in our school."

Paula: "I am a confident individual and I look out for the pupils in our school."

Please keep an eye on our Road Safety noticeboard in our school hall throughout the school year and remember to keep an eye on the outdoor noticeboard and on this website for up to date news on relevant initiatives.