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 Jeely Piece Club

As an Eco School, we are always looking for ways to promote and develop in our young people and appreciation and understanding of the great outdoors.

For many years now, St. Mirin's has worked alongside the Jeely Piece Club to provide our pupils with outdoor play opportunities in and around Castlemilk Woods. Children have enjoyed building a tree swing, nature walks, bear hunts, outdoor art, den building, water play, raft and boat making, playing hide and seek in the woods, treasure hunts, tree climbing, seed planting, story telling and other adventures.

Here in St. Mirin's we recognise the benefits of outdoor play. According to the national play authority Play Scotland, "Play is the universal language of childhood." It is intrinsic to child development and helps them to develop emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually and creatively. 

Some benefits of Outdoor Play include:

Physical - Helps to reduce affects of asthma, obesity and generally improves children's fitness levels.


Social - Encourages children from different backgrounds to interact and build positive relationships with each other, to be able to negotiate, cooperate, share and develop their own social skills.


Emotional - Allows children to express their feelings freely in their natural outdoor play environment, it improves their self esteem through making decisions about their play and helps children learn about their own boundaries and values.


Intellectual - Gives children the opportunity to solve problems, take and manage risks for themselves and others, and direct their own play experience.


Creative - Giving children the opportunity to use their imagination to tell stories, create outdoor games and develop and create their own play space.

For more information about the Jeely Piece Club click here.