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Active Playgrounds - Our Playground Buddies
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 Our Playground Buddies



Our Playground Buddies consist of Primary 6 and 7 pupils who have been specially trained by our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

These special volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that our Primary 1 pupils get the most out of their lunchtime breaks. Each Buddy has been trained in a variety of games which our infant pupils are invited to take part in. Personalisation and choice is a key feature of teaching and learning in St. Mirin's and our Active Playground Scheme is just one example of how pupils actively choose the activities they wish to take part in. 

Our Buddies operate Monday to Friday using a Rota System. Our school recently bought a large container full of playground games equipment for use exclusively by our Buddies. This was made possible thanks in part, to your Rag Bag donations which help us to raise vital funds for our school.

Next year, we will be looking for new Playground Buddies and interested P6 and P7 pupils will be required to complete an application form in the first instance.