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Role Of The Coach
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 Role Of The Coach


Without our coach and volunteers there would be no football. The role of the coach within children's football  is crucial as this is the stage where most players will  learn to fall in love with the game and where most will establish the basis of their footballing habits. A knowledge of children and how to teach is often more important than knowledge of the game. It is also important that we understand why children enjoy playing football.

The role of our coach is to...

*Provide fun and enjoyable activities suitable to the ages of the players.

*Provide well organised and planned practices and games.

*Provide stimulating activities that promote fundamental skills and movement development.

*Communicate appropriately with children.

*Encourage children to have the freedom to express themselves.

*Be a good role model.

*Teach basic ethics of fair play and sportsmanship. that our young players will...


*Fall in love with the game.

*Have basic movement skills.

*Be comfortable with the ball.

*Be more confident to try new challenges.

*Understand and demonstrate good sportsmanship.