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Active Choices 2013/2014
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Active Choices 2013/2014


Here in St. Mirin’s, our P5, 6 and 7 pupils participated in an 8 week Active Choices programme. Pupils learned about lots of different ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Each session lasted 1 hour and covered various topics about being healthy and active.


As well as finding out about a healthy lifestyle in the classroom, pupils continue to be encouraged to try and put this into practice in their daily lives. Here is what some of our P5 pupils had to say about their Active Choices experience:


Nicholas: “I learned that there is loads of sugar in soft drinks.”

Shannon: “I learned about food groups. Green represents healthy foods, amber represents foods you shouldn’t each too much of and red represents more unhealthy foods.”

Cian: “I learned that apples have sugar in them.”

Holly: “I learned that different coloured foods can give us different things like vitamins A and D for example.”

Carla: “I learned that there are 16 spoonfuls of sugar in a McDonald’s milkshake.”

Connor:  “I learned that Brussels sprouts came from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.”

Thomas:  “I learned about different vitamins A, C and D.”

Lucy:  “I learned that a lot of cereals are actually unhealthy.”