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 Positive Coaching Scotland

St. Mirin's Primary School supports the new Positve Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme which recognises that major challenges exist in modern day grassroots sport and aims to address these through a change in culture . 

In St. Mirin's we believe that pupils should achieve success through effort and recognise that through sport, young people learn valuable life lessons. The PCS programme challenges the 'win at all costs' mentality and focuses on learning respect, responsiblity, effort, confidence and success.

Following the 3-key principles of Honour our Game, Redefining Winning and Building Confidence, St Mirin's, in collaboration with the Scottish FA will communicate simple messages to each of the principles.

Honour our Game =

*Encourage players to stick to the rules.

*Encourage respect for opponents.

*Encourage respect for officials.

*Encourage teamwork and cooperation.

Redefining Winning =

*Encourage success through effort (hard work) in training and games.

*Encourage new skill development.

*Encourage players to bounce back from mistakes they will make in training and games.

Building Confidence = 

*Positive encouragement of effort irrespective of outcome.

*Football provides an endless supply of teachable moments. If a player makes a mistake teach them to bounce back and learn from their mistake.

*See the true value of football as winning through effort. This will build the confidence and self esteem of players.

*Model the good behaviour you want to see in players through positive verbal and non-verbal communication on the pitch.

*There will be times where a player needs to receive constructive criticism - this is an integral part of the learning process, however, sandwiching this criticism between positive comments results in players becoming more optimisitic and teachable.