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The Forgotten Orchard Eco Drama
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 Eco Drama 2012/2013

As an Eco School, St. Mirin's is always looking for new ways to deliver the Eco Schools Message. This year we have decided to invite Eco Drama to our school for the benefit of our Primary 4 and 5 pupils.

The Forgotten Orchard is a funny and emotional tale that draws inspiration from apples to ask questions about the food we eat; where does our food come from, how far has it travelled, what does it taste like, and crucially, can we grow our own? 

The story re-welcomes to our plate the charismatic Scottish apples of our heritage; Tam Montgomery, Scotch Dumpling, and the local Glaswegian apple 'Clydeside' (to name but a few), bringing with it a local food message that is pertinent to our current times. For more information on The Forgotten Orchard please click here.