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If your child has an on-going medical condition e.g. Asthma and requires medication, we request that you complete an Administration of Medicines form at the school office and also leave an inhaler for the child which will be administered under adult supervision.

In the case of one off medications e.g. a course of Penicillin which may be required to be taken during school hours, the Administration of Medicines form will have to be completed before pupils can have medication.  The head teacher or DHT administers these medications to pupils.  No pupil can self-administer medications in school.


As a health promoting school, I request that you do not include fizzy drinks and sweets as part of your child’s packed lunch / snack.  No glass bottles or cans should be sent to school with pupils.


For P.E. children should wear a school polo shirt, shorts and black sandshoes.  In the interests of safety jewellery, including ear rings must be removed for P.E. lessons.  NO football tops or shorts will be deemed as acceptable clothing in school. 

Football team sponsored bags, jackets, pencil cases etc are also not appropriate for school.