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St. Mirin's is praised by inspectors for high standard of teaching
St.Mirin's Primary has been praised by education inspectors for its consistently high standard of teaching.
St Mirin's Primary, which takes in pupils from Croftfoot and Simshill, excelled during a visit from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education.
The 277 pupils were congratulated on their high grades in English and maths and for their exemplary behaviour and motivation to learn.
Head teacher Anne McFadden said: "I'm very proud and delighted for the staff, pupils and parents involved.
"This report reflects the eagerness of our pupils and the commitment of staff, parents and the local parish.
"I am particularly pleased with our Excellent awards for learners' experiences and meeting learning needs because helping children learn is exactly what our job is as teachers."
St Mirin's got two excellents - for learners' experiences and meeting learners' needs - and three very goods - for improvements in performance, curriculum and improvement through self evaluation.
Jonathan Findlay, Glasgow City Council's executive member for education, said "This is a fantastic report for St Mirin's and all credit is due to the pupils and staff" .
"It reflects the school community but has also raised the bar of attainment and achievement for all Glasgow schools. I hope and expect that this is only one of many important achievements for the school in the coming years."
The report attributes the excellent teaching standards at the school to an increased level of pupils' involvement in lessons.
It says pupils respect and support each other as learners, and benefit from being actively involved in their learning. The children are described as highly motivated and confident.
"Staff have successfully developed an appropriate and well-balanced curriculum that strongly encourages active approaches to learning," the report states.
"The school's approaches to supporting children's learning needs are excellent. All staff know the strengths and learning needs of individual children very well.

 If you would like to read the report for yourself, click on the link below.

 HMIe Report